The SURREAL Lab performs spatial simulation modelling and analysis on a broad range of environmental, conservation, and climate change projects.



The SURREAL Lab is a group of researchers dedicated to understanding how natural and anthropogenic forces collectively shape our world through computer simulation modelling, data science, and interactive visualization technologies. Our aim is to provide solutions for helping decision-makers build resilient and adaptive landscapes in the face of climate change impacts and uncertainties.

We collaborate with stakeholders and communities on a range of projects, including estimating forest disturbance risk, modelling wildlife movement, and developing interactive web mapping technologies. Our collaborators include government agencies at all levels, First Nation communities, and tech companies.

To learn more about potential collaborations or graduate school opportunities, please contact Dr. Chris Bone.


Interested in research partnerships or graduate studies? Please contact Dr. Chris Bone:

Tel: 250-472-5620


David Turpin A237

University of Victoria

Victoria, British Columbia

Canada   V8P 5C2



Dr. Chris Bone

Associate Professor

Director of the SURREAL Lab and Associate Professor in Geography

Vivian Pattison

MSc Student

Statistical modelling of Ancient Murrelet foraging and breeding behaviour off Haida Gwaii coast


Zubiria Perez

MSc Student

Agent-based modelling of grizzly bear movement in Alberta

Alex Goudine

MSc Student

Developing visualization tools for forecasting sea ice dynamics in the Canadian Arctic

Dexter Robson

MA Student

Developing web mapping tools for First Nations communities on Vancouver Island

Jason Kelley

MSc Student

 Using remote sensing techniques to improve estimations of both merchantable and non-merchantable forest volume/biomass

Chenoah Shine

MSc Student

Analyzing humpback whale behaviour in relation to vessel strike risk

Henry Hart

MSc Student

Estimating wildfire spread rates from airtanker photographs

Elicia Bell

MSc Student

Modelling African Wild Dog movement behaviours in response to pastoral herding practices in Tanzania

Andrea Nesdoly

Graduate Research Assistant

Analyzing the spread of wildfire smoke using remote sensing technologies

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