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Jason Kelley

Jason Kelley (MSc, 2021) is a PhD student interested in utilizing remote sensing and geospatial technologies to improve community driven environmental monitoring. His research is focused on the integration of UAV thermal, optical, and laser scanning data to develop a framework for evaluating and monitoring salmon habitat. He is also interested in how geospatial technologies can be utilized to support capacity building in First Nations communities for environmental monitoring programs. Jason is part of a larger team at UVic supporting three First Nation organizations on a BCSRIF funded project to develop a larger community driven salmon habitat monitoring protocol.

Expertise & Experience: R, GIS, Remote Sensing, Spatial Statistics, UAVs, Forest Inventory, Forest Carbon Modelling



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Kelley, J., Trofymow, J A (Tony), & Bone, C. (2022). Combining area-based and individual tree metrics for improving merchantable and non-merchantable wood volume estimates in coastal douglas-fir forests. Remote Sensing, 14(9), 2204.

Kelley, J., Trofymow, J.A., Metsaranta, J. M., Filipescu, C. N., & Bone, C. (2021). Use of multi-temporal LiDAR to quantify fertilization effects on stand volume and biomass in late-rotation coastal Douglas-fir forests. Forests, 12(517), 517.

Trofymow, J.A., Kelley, J., Gougeon, F. (2019). Comparison of geospatial and ground-based methods for determining post-harvest dispersed woody residues. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 49(10), 1277-1288.

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