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Mapping & Visualizations

Developing Climate Change Geovisualization Tools for Mitlenatch Island

Realistic geovisualization tools that visualize future climate-change scenarios are often used to plan and promote community-based actions for a sustainable future. Future climate change scenarios contain uncertainties, and uncertainties increase substantially beyond 2050 due to anthropogenic emission scenarios and human responses to climate change. This project, led by Elvia Willyono (MA Student), explores a range of methods for showing the uncertainties of climate change and management planning in a 3D visualization of Mitlenatch Island, British Columbia. This research aims to close the knowledge gap between the role of uncertainty in realistic geovisualizations in the context of future climate-change scenarios. The output of this project, a geovisualization tool, will be used by BC Parks to plan and evaluate the potential impacts of the management strategies.


Researcher: Elvia Willyono


Web mapping platforms for First Nations’ Marine Spatial Planning on the South Coast

After successful marine spatial planning (MSP) processes were completed in the North Coast region (MaPP initiative), South Coast First Nations are currently working towards developing a MSP. MSP is a method of community engaged planning, which aims to manage spatially overlapping human activities in the marine environment. It is guided by community values and objectives, with the goal of supporting healthy ecosystems and sustaining ecosystem services. Throughout MSP processes, access to, visualization and analysis of spatial data can play an important role in the efficiency of the planning process and the success of the final plans. This project will investigate different frameworks for developing and assessing web mapping platforms, focusing on issues of security, Indigenous data sovereignty and ownership, control, access, and possession (OCAP). The output of this research will be a web mapping platform that will support First Nations in the MSP process and a framework for the development of future web mapping platforms for First Nation’s use.


Researcher: Jean Hodgson


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