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Chris Bone is an Associate Professor in Geography at UVic and the SURREAL Lab Director. His research focuses on utilizing geospatial technologies, simulation modelling and spatial analytics to under the dynamics of coupled natural and human systems. 


Bruna Barusco is a PhD student studying available forest growth and yield models in relation to wildfire risk and water security in the Sooke water basin. Her research will focus on modelling climate scenarios using a generic carbon budget model (GCBM) to estimate fire effects on carbon budget. The overarching objective of this work is to reduce wildfire risk through the development of forest management practices in order to secure water supply for the Greater Victoria area.


Elicia Bell is a MSc student studying carnivore community ecology through the use of camera trap data. Her research focuses on the behavioural interactions that occur amongst coexisting carnivores as a function of habitat types in the Rocky Mountain region of western Alberta. Her goal is to inform subsequent camera trap work aimed at understanding carnivore space use and activity in response to external stimuli through applying novel spatiotemporal analytic approaches.

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Alex Goudine is a MSC student focused on developing visualization tools for presenting seasonal sea ice forecasts and dynamics in the Canadian Arctic. His goal is to determine the qualities of a geovisualization product that effectively communicate climate data to the user based on their experience level and intended outcome.


Henry Hart is a MSc student exploring the application of mono-photogrammetry, or monoplotting, in order to extract spatial wildfire behaviour data from oblique aerial images provided by the BC Wildfire Service (BCWS). His research aims to improve and validate wildfire behaviour models and potentially establish new models of unexplored fuel complexes within the Fire Behaviour Prediction System (FBPS). Learn more.

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Jean Hodgson is an MSc student studying the role that community engagement and local knowledge can play in Canadian fisheries management. She is interested in understanding how web mapping platforms can be developed and used to empower local communities to actively participate in fisheries management, conservation strategies and seek out economic opportunities. 

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Jason Kelley is a MSc student interested in utilizing remote sensing data to improve forest monitoring. His research is focused on two areas, the first being the use of lidar-based models to estimate the effects of silvicultural treatments. The second is the investigation of utilizing remote sensing data to improve the estimation of materials available for biofuel use. His goal is to improve forest monitoring methods in order to be able to provide critical information on forest conditions as they transition with future climate regimes.

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Ben Morrow is an MSc student researching the application of autonomous shore-based monitoring methods for recreational salmon fisheries in the Salish Sea. His love of the ocean stems from his ongoing passions as an avid kayaker, outdoor guide and skipper, and marine search and rescue first responder. Ben's work aims to inform fisheries managers of techniques that can supplement existing methods and increase knowledge of fishing effort and estimated catch and retention. His research is part of network of projects in collaboration with the CORAL and SURREAL labs, Canada's Oceans Protection Plan, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


Andrea Nesdoly is a MSc student studying whale watching vessel behaviour in the CORAL and SURREAL Labs using Automatic Identification Systems (AIS). Her research focuses on modelling the spatiotemporal patterns of whale watching vessels with the aim to classify when a vessel is observing wildlife and when it is not. Her goal is to create a classification algorithm to determine when vessels are observing wildlife, gain an understanding on how AIS can be used to manage whale watching vessels, and inform policy makers.


Chenoah Shine’s research is inspired by her time working as a research assistant for the North Coast Cetacean Society in Gitga’at Territory. Drawing from these experiences, she has grown an interest in using spatial statistical modeling to inform conservation management strategies. Currently, as an MSc student and part of the Ships Whales and Acoustics in Gitga’at Territory project, her research focuses on using agent based modelling and drone technology to inform policy that will mitigate cetacean vulnerability to vessel traffic. Click here to learn more about Chenoah's research.

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Roger Stephen is the SURREAL Lab's drone expert. He is responsible for the building and testing of our UAV equipment and has led multiple data collection missions for projects focused on vineyard health and post-wildfire monitoring. Roger has a MSc degree from Geography at UVic.


Elvia is an MA student studying the use of realistic geovisualization tools to improve climate change adaptation planning and environmental management. Her research focuses on the development of methods to depict uncertainties that are associated with climate change in geovisualization tools. Her goal is to explore if and how uncertainty-aware geovisualization can raise climate change awareness.


Alejandra Zubiria Perez, MSc (2020): Agent-based modelling of grizzly bear movement in Alberta

Vivian Pattison, MSc (2020): Statistical modelling of Ancient Murrelet foraging and breeding behaviour off Haida Gwaii coast

Dexter Robson, MA (2020): Agent-based modelling of grizzly bear movement in Alberta