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Chenoah Shine

Chenoah (BSc Hons UVic, 2019) is a Masters (MSc) student in the SURREAL and ACS labs. Her research currently focuses on habitat mapping of acoustic fin whale behaviours and investigating whale vulnerability to vessel impacts in fjords. She is passionate about marine ecology and applied research and her work aims to inform policy that mitigates potentially harmful vessel-whale interactions. Chenoah uses acoustic localization data on whales combined a variety of spatial statistical modeling techniques to understand acoustic habitat preference of whales and quantify interactions with AIS tracked ships.


Building on relationships developed during her time as a research assistant for the North Coast Cetacean Society and BC Whales, she is also part of the Ships Whales and Acoustics in Gitga'at Territory (SWAG) project. Here she has participated in field seasons on the North Coast of BC in Gitga’at Territory. This work involved proof of concept in using UAV's to track large cetaceans in Fjords for acoustic localization network validation.

Expertise & Experience: Spatial Statistics, Marine Ecology, Applied Conservation, Acoustic Behavioural Ecology, GIS, R, UAV's




Applied Conservation Science Lab

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Keen, E., Hendricks, B., Shine, C., Wray, J., Picard, C. R., & Alidina, H. M. (2022). A simulation-based tool for predicting whale-vessel encounter rates. Ocean & Coastal Management, 224, 106183.

Hendricks, B., Keen, E. M., Shine, C., Wray, J. L., Alidina, H. M., & Picard, C. R. (2021). Acoustic tracking of fin whales: Habitat use and movement patterns within a Canadian Pacific fjord system. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 149(6), 4264-4280.

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