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Elicia Bell

Elicia (MSc 2021, University of Victoria) is a PhD student interested in exploring human-carnivore dynamics through integrated socio-ecological frameworks. Her work focuses on understanding how behavioural ecology research frameworks can be combined with socio-cultural dimension of human-wildlife interactions in order to better understand coexistence mechanisms. Elicia uses camera trap data and a range of modelling techniques to monitor carnivore spatial and temporal habitat use, activity patterns and movement behaviour in relation to external environmental stimuli. She is particularly in conducting research in the context of informing and drawing insights from effective conservation measures occurring outside of formal protected area structures.

Expertise & Experience: Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife Ecology, Human-Wildlife Conflict, Carnivore Behavioural Ecology, Spatial Statistical Modelling




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Bell, Fisher, Darimont, Hart & Bone. (2022). How Competition Dynamics Drive Access To Shared Scavenging Opportunities Amongst a Group of Mesocarnivores in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta (Masters Thesis). University of Victoria. Victoria, BC. Retrieved from http://xxxxx

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